At our recent Aspire Scholarship Awards Dinner and Celebration, keynote speaker Leland K. Bassett, chairman and CEO of Bassett & Bassett, Inc. Communication Managers and Counselors of Detroit and New York spoke on the power of communicating and communication success with his topic Down the Rabbit Hole: Communication Survival Skills.  Below are the highlights from his presentation and his Bassett Laws of Communication.

The 5 Rules of Success

  1. You have to be able to write and put thoughts on paper – more than 140 characters.
  2. You have to work hard.  You don’t start on the red carpet, you have to earn your spot.
  3. You have to know your stuff.  There may not be time to consult the cloud when real trouble strikes.
  4. You have to have personal integrity.  Are you being honest with yourself?  To thine own self, be true.
  5. You have to have professional integrity.  In every field of work, are you true to the knowledge, values and ethics of your field; or just a professional prostitute?


The 5 Laws of Communication

Rules of communication are as diverse as people communicating.

1.  It all depends. (So many variables or things can affect communication outcomes that there are no guarantees.)
2.  Can never really tell for sure — you’re dealing with the human element. (People and events are constantly changing. Communication never stands still.)
3.  Perception is greater than reality. (What people think is reality is what counts.)
4.  People behave in ways that make sense to them. (Don’t expect people to have your point of view. If you want someone to do something, you have to give them reasons that make sense to them.)
5.  Things are not always the way they seem to be. (Look behind the curtain Dorothy, and you may find the Wizard of Ox is really just a little guy with a big machine.)
And to close out, Leland talked about WHY, if something isn’t working ask WHY? It is probably something missing in the Keys of Success or a breakdown around the Laws of Communication.

Leland K. Bassett
Chairman and CEO, Bassett & Bassett, Inc.
Leland K. Bassett is chairman and CEO of Bassett & Bassett, Inc. Communication Managers and Counselors of Detroit and New York. He was a founding member of the CCAS Alumni Association, a past CCAS Alumni Association president and recipient of its Outstanding Alumni Award. He introduced the nation’s first corporate Strategic Communication Management department in the 1970’s, designed and taught the nation’s first graduate strategic communication management curriculum (at MSU CCAS) in the 1980’s and co-founded the first commercial communications arts & science-based communication professional services firm in 1986. Based in Detroit, Mich., Bassett is active as a professional services practitioner, guest lecturer and mentor to communication arts and sciences students.

Mr. Bassett is also the Executive at EWI Member Firm Bassett and Bassett, Inc.

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