2017 Fall Fundraiser: Pot-of-Gold Raffle

Our new annual fundraiser supporting our Literacy Programs and ASIST Scholarships.

EWI of Detroit-Windsor is looking to raise $4000 in net proceeds with our new Pot-of-Gold Raffle Fundraiser to support our literacy and scholarship programs. Each EWI of Detroit-Windsor Member Representative, Sustaining Member and Transitional Member is asked to sell 10 raffle tickets each at $20 per ticket.



Each ticket stub sold will be entered in our monthly drawing for $100.00 USD beginning October 2017 and ending June 2018 (9 chances to win). All tickets, including those who won the monthly drawing, will have a chance to be drawn as the winner for the Grand Prize of $250 to be held at our Sips & Swirls event in July 2018 (10th chance to win).

Winners drawn do not need to be present to win.

Only 260 tickets will be sold, so your chance of winning is higher than most other raffles.

If you are wishing to support our literacy and scholarship programs with a raffle ticket purchase, please contact an EWI of Detroit-Windsor member you know or email info@ewidetroitwindsor.org (but do it now before the 260 tickets are sold and your chance to win and support us will be gone).

Our first drawing will be held during our October 11th meeting.

About Literacy in EWI

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Download About EWI Literacy PDF here.

In 1992, EWI adopted literacy and learning as its philanthropic projects and has since touched thousands of lives with the gift of reading, writing and learning. Since 2002 we have partnered with local organizations and schools to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children to help them achieve their highest potential.

To date, EWI has assisted over 2600 students, 300 parents and 150 volunteers with reading & literacy programs, books, and desperately needed supplies. In addition, we have provided more than 50 with financial support for college since we started that program 1997. We touch the very lives of children, adults and their futures, which ripples out into their families and community.

Executive Women International, a not-for-profit 501 c3 organization, firmly believes that literacy and learning is a most powerful tool in the fight against poverty and that education creates futures for children, their families, and community. We believe it is critical to nurture young people’s hopes; dreams and abilities too not only survive but to thrive and rise above life’s challenges.

EWI of Detroit-Windsor has supported many literacy, and learning programs within the Detroit community, four of which are our signature programs: Authors Under Construction, Reading Rally, Brick by Book Building a School of Readers, Reading Rallies and our ASIST Adults Students in Scholastic Transition scholarship.

Authors Under Construction

By engaging young people to tell their stories through creative writing and performance, the local Authors Under Construction program gives the children an opportunity to use expressive writing to understand and communicate feelings and experiences. This has been a successful program, going into its fifth year, at a Southwest Detroit elementary school. Currently, we are reaching a smaller number of the children and our goal is to secure funding allowing us to expand the breadth and depth of the program impacting more children.

Our core program works with a local non-profit organization InsideOut at Wayne State University and with them, we place professional writers in Harms Elementary in Southwest Detroit (4th-5th grades) to conduct creative writing workshops that engage students’ imaginations and introduce them to the pleasure and power of writing. The residencies consist of 15-25 weekly sessions, allowing writers to become an integral part of students’ experiences. These year-long in-school residencies bring students together with practicing writers who serve as models of the creative life and help students to take themselves seriously as writers. At the end of the school year the students receive a publication celebrating their work. EWI hosts a wonderful celebration at the end with gifts, prizes and a cake.

Brick by Book: Building a School of Readers

Our Brick by Book, Building a School of Readers, is another very successful program within Literacy. EWI encourages and supports with both kick off and end of year celebratory events that includes giving hundreds of books to the children and small prizes throughout the year to acknowledge individual reading achievements and support continued reading.

“I’ll never forget the time the principal came to a volunteer and thanked them for bringing in the simple writing tools we take for granted. She said that many of her children never held a pen or marker in their hands before. From that day forward we work hard to give these children a chance”, said Renea Callery, EWI Literacy Committee Member and Program Creator.

Reading Rally

Reading Rally events are another one of the ways EWI promotes literacy in our community. Throughout the years, EWI Reading Rally events have enriched lives by gaining knowledge, meeting a diverse group of people, and making a difference in over 17,000 youth across the nation. EWI of Detroit-Windsor has participated in Reading Rally’s in Detroit-Windsor Since 2002. Over the years our Reading Rally’s have made the difference to thousands and thousands of children in the Detroit community. It’s all about giving books, supplies, playing games, and giving encouragement and support to children.

ASIST Scholarships

The Adult Student in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) is a powerful EWI program focused on adults. We support community colleges by offering a scholarship to an adult student(s) that has gone through some transition in their life and would like to go back to school to make a better life for them and their families. These scholarships have made the difference in so many by allowing them to begin, stay in or complete a community college program thereby opening a new future for them and their families. EWI has given over $57,000 in scholarships locally.

“I thank god for this moment. I appreciate being chosen for the scholarship program, never applied for one, this like a dream come true for me. I was at the maximum allowed for Pell Grant, didn’t know which way to turn. As a single parent of two and one with a mental condition, and guardian of four from a deceased sister from cancer. I’m trying to make ends meet with the assistance from welfare. This will benefit me in achieving my career. Now I can be on my career path once again thanks to every individual and organization who helped make a dream come true thanks.” – Joan Williams 2013 ASIST Scholarship Winner

Funding would help secure our current literacy and scholarship programs to receive the tools needed to teach the children, support adults in transition and to expand the breadth & depth by engaging more in our current programs and reaching out further in the community to start new ones.

“When you are so moved in your heart by a sincere thank-you from single mother who needed financial assistance to finish her community college program or a hug from a child who is smiling so big because they were part of creating a book of poems that was published, you know you are doing the right thing”, said Cindy Nunnery, Chapter President 2015-2017.

Join us making a difference to the children and adults we locally support and help create a ripple effect of opportunity in their lives and the lives of those around them. See more on our Literacy and Scholarship pages.

Contact: Cindy Nunnery, EWI of Detroit-Windsor Chapter President 2015-2017
email: cindy@cindynunnery.com


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