by Ruth Mannschreck, Business Coach
EWI of Detroit-Windsor Vice President/President-Elect

Yes, You CAN Lead where you are Planted!

This whole conversation stems from the fact that leadership is not purely a talent or a gift or a title.  Leadership is a learned skill and as such can be practiced and fine-tuned wherever you are in life.  It requires care and attention – almost an outlook on life.

What we accomplish happens NOT just because of what we do but through the efforts of others.

Leadership is in direct contrast to management. Some “things” in life need to be managed, but people need to be developed. It has a complete “outward focus” that relies on relationships, support, engagement, and communication.  The biggest difference between leading others and managing others is how you develop those people under and around you.  It’s the difference between giving instructions and asking questions.  It’s the difference between pointing the way and role modeling the process (attitude, commitment, and performance).

Remember this old poem:

I’d rather SEE a sermon than hear one any day.
I’d rather someone walk beside me than simply point the way.

So the big question is – where are you on your Leadership Pathway?

How can you tell?

What is your next best step?


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