LCAM  2014 Update

BrendaBy Brenda Barbarich

First, I had an enjoyable time and got to tour a little of Washington DC, a place I had not been to before. It is a fascinating place to visit and the history is just amazing.  As for the LCAM update, below are brief – you can read more in detail or contact me if you have questions.

Corporate Budget:

The Corporate Budget was PASSED with a required Majority of 43 votes. I assure you there was a great deal of discussion during the entire week as well as the Town Hall and Delegate sessions before the Annual Meeting itself.

Individual Membership:

Individual Membership required a Majority (43) votes and PASSED with 57 votes. Individual Membership will be recognized by corporate as an option for each chapter individually. The Individual Membership Classification in the bylaws reads:

Individual Member.  The Chapter shall have the option of including the Individual Member class of membership. An individual member shall be an employee of a business which is not a member firm of the Chapter.

Corporate will begin the individual membership classification beginning January 1, 2015. They have set this date for corporate to update all bylaws, printed material, applications, etc.

However, the chapter can begin recruiting individual members immediately as well as update the chapter’s standing rules. We did take a vote on the chapter level and the majority voted to make individual membership available.

Once the chapter’s standing rules has been updated we will send them to membership.

Corporate Bylaws:

The revisions within the corporate bylaws included grammar, punctuation, and adding the Individual Membership Classification. As stated previous, the classification will be added to the corporate bylaws and chapters will add it to their standing rules.

Corporate Merger:

The Merger also passed with a Majority vote. In order for Executive Women International to stay within the laws, corporate requested a vote to move EWI from the state of California to the state of Utah. The reasoning, with legal advice, was to stay within the laws when state laws change for non-profits. Utah is a less strict state for non-profit laws. Corporate was concerned that if we needed to change a bylaw due to EWI membership request we may not be able to by state law.

The corporate website should have all of the information readily available for the membership. This includes financial documentation, bylaws, etc. The corporate website is a resource for you to utilize. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please let someone know. EWI is not just a non-profit foundation; we are business partners working together on the same team. The corporate website is your link to Executive Women International Corporation.

EWI-AOL-Logo-color-300x300And I was especially grateful for being recognized by the President in Washington D.C. for earning  my Alumni of Excellence from the Academy Of Leadership this year. It is an honor to have earned this during my term this year.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need further information.


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