Great news for all EWI members!

Our friend and inspirational presenter from LCAM 2015 in Tulsa, Gail McWilliams, has made an audio recording of her presentation available online. Gail has sent this link accompanied by a special letter to the EWI family.

To the EWI Members:

What a joy it was to speak for your conference this past September (2015) in Tulsa. Here is a link of the presentation to remind you how valuable you are and the strategic position you hold.  You are not stuck!

Congrats on your V.I.P. status that will open doors you cannot begin to see or imagine. Your V.I.P. pass will include your participation as you advance with:

  • Vision
  • Influence
  • Passion

I am eager to hear the great testimonials of your new outlook and increase. What you are doing today is key to the promotion coming tomorrow. Do not quit. Your seasoned leadership and diligent efforts are to be commended. Thank you for all you do.

If I can ever be a service to your corporation, community or chapter, please call on me. It would be my honor to team with you again.

Wishing you the best in life!

Gail McWilliamsGail McWilliams



I am about to launch my new podcast show entitled, “The Gail McWilliams Show.” If you have any questions that can be addressed on some of the shows, or questions about how to move from stuck to strategically positioned please call them in to my line at: 888-270-0182

Please give your first name and your position if you want. It is up to you, but if your question is chosen I will play your question on air as I go on to discuss some possible solutions. Your willingness to be part of the show will help many others. Thank you sincerely.


Gail McWilliams has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, empowering them for a renewed reach toward dreams and purpose they once thought impossible. She has a vivacious personality, effervescent humor and an uncanny capacity to deliver her life-message. Her personal story of how she lost her eyesight will amaze you as she challenges you to have a bigger vision. Gail and her husband, Tony, recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and they together enjoy five miracle children, which the doctors said they would never have! She expresses an overcoming spirit along with a down-to-earth sincerity, thereby helping others to win their battles in everyday life. No wonder Gail is met with such broad and energetic approval across the nation as she delivers penetrating inspiration, motivating audiences to ascend new summits.

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