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Douglas Marketing Group
is reaching out to invite EWI members to attend Forgotten Harvest Canada’s Fundraising Dinner at the Windsor Club on June 25th and step up to our plate. With the sale of all 100 tickets, 188,000 more meals can be shared. Join our community table. Together we can feed our community….together we can fight hunger.
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Since 2011 Forgotten Harvest Canada has focused on two urgent issues: hunger and waste. With a refrigerated truck, we rescue food that would otherwise go unused and share it with people who would otherwise go without. With a network of generous food donours, we recently reached the milestone of rescuing just over 2 million pounds of food, which equates to just over 2 million meals. Forgotten Harvest Canada would like to say their work is over. But HUNGER is growing. High employment or under-employment rates, poverty and the increasing cost of living means that food becomes the flexible budget item for many in our community.

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