If you have worked in corporate America for any length of time, you have probably heard the line: “This would be a great place to work, if it weren’t for _________.” It echoes down the halls of businesses large and small. Whether it’s a comment regarding the people, the facilities, the culture, even the customers – all businesses have their frustrations and less-than-stellar aspects. Join us for an engaging conversation about how these issues apply to YOUR situation and you’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing that keeps people “stuck on Hamster Wheel” at work
  • The 3 massive mistakes people make when trying to “fix” a process
  • 6 Action Steps to shift from hopeless and harried to clear and Confident
  • Yes! You CAN lead right where you are planted

Ruth Mannschreck is a Business Strategist who specializes in growing small businesses in Michigan in this challenging economy. She began her career as a dentist in private practice. Her experience includes starting her own practice from scratch, growing and selling it. It also includes buying, growing and selling other small business entities. Since then she has been actively engaged in coaching and mentoring small business owners.

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