In October 2014, a few of us went to Harms Elementary School to kick-off the “Brick by Book” – Building a School of Readers and our extension program “Authors Under Construction”. It was a very exciting time for the volunteers and the children were very excited about these programs and the end goal.

Well the school year is ending, and a few of us… went back to Harms to celebrate their accomplishments. The entire school participated in the Brick by Book program and as you can see from the “graph” below– they have read many books. Each color represents the grades.


Reading Graph

Therefore, in celebration for completing the Brick by Book program, they were all treated to an ice cream sundae. As you can see, the volunteers were having a great time handing out these sundaes.


The Ice Cream Ladies

It was a perfect day for an ice cream party.

Once we finished that – we went to the gym to celebrate the accomplishment of the 3-5 grades Authors Under Construction”. What a great day this was for the children who are now “Published Authors” and for the volunteers that were with us through the whole journey. The children are “Published Authors”. Can you tell I am so blown away by this?

The published works of the 84 Harms young authors

A cake provided by InsideOut to help celebrate the authors

EWI Detroit-Windsor gave away books and Beanie Babies to each author.

A young author loving the recognition and goodies she received

Peter from InsideOut congratulated all the authors on a job well done

Renea, from EWI with the help of Sheridan, gives a special certificate to each author after calling them up by name.

They were blessed to have Lauren from InsideOut Program visit with them every Friday for four months to teach them to open up their minds, share their feelings, their visions.  To get into that zone that at first was difficult, but I saw these children listen, learn and then write these poems.

A HUGE Thank You to InsideOut for going beyond to make this day special.


Terry Blackhawk founder of InsideOut (right) and Peter Markus (left) address the young authors

Some of these children are going into middle school, but I know from being with them the last couple of years, that they will take with them everything that EWI did to help them see the importance of reading, and to have fun while doing it.

Sheridan, the inspiration to get the kids writing, with some of the young authors.

A HUGE Thank You to Sheridan Nunnery for planting the seed of writing a book, to Cindy Nunnery for always being there to capture the celebrations, to Tereza & Leigh Ann Hello for coming from Windsor to always be there to celebrate. To Joan Douglas, and Virginia Alan who have been with us from the start and for every program. Thank You to Maddie Parks, and Donna Weatherby who are Friends of EWI – their passion for our programs brings them to volunteer whenever I ask. To the Teachers who supported the time it took away from their studies to give the children that hour to be creative.

Renea receives special recognition from Mr. Cruz, Principle of Harms


To EVERYONE who supported us financially. I will be sending out a sponsor request so that we can bring this back again next year, I hope we can count on your support or that of your firms. The pictures – they tell the real story.

Nevertheless, Thank You – EWI for letting me tell mine.


The Book you will get with your $10 (or more) donation to the Authors Under Construction Program

P.S. If you are interested in purchase a book or two… they are only $10 – which will go towards next year’s program.

A peek inside

A peek inside

You can go to: and donate from there and I will get the book to you.

Renea Callery
Brick by Book & Literacy Chairperson








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