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Foreman Lauren visited the children at Harms again on Friday, January 30 and their writing today was about giving directions. Their eyes are closed, and Lauren proceeded to read a story to them. They were to relax and hear the words she was reading.20150123_134306

They opened their eyes and she asked some questions. She asked them about the first step that they heard about “picking the rhubarb and how to cook it”. What is the 2nd step after you pick the rhubarb? She continued to ask them questions on the “how to”.

The directions she gave the children to write a story on was “How To” give directions on something that they knew how to do. These are the steps in writing their story that they were to follow: Details: First, Next, Final and last.

Ruby wrote on how to make a “fruit salad”, Roberto wrote on how to “build a Minecraft house”, Diego wrote on how to “download an app on the phone”. That was a story I needed to read – here is a 4th grader writing instructions on how to download an app. WOW. Freda wrote on “how to draw a cat”.

The children proceeded to write some really great directions on “how to” do something. These were directions that we could all follow in completing their task.

It is such a joy to visit the children that are a part of this program and see the excitement and the growth of their writing each week. I can’t wait until the end of the year so I can see some of these stories put into a book.

If you are interested in stopping in on a Friday to see what they are doing – just give me a shout and I will give you the “How To” in making that happen.



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