The EWI Annual Scholarship Awards were awarded on September 17th and what an evening it was.

by Brenda Barbarich, Chapter President 2013/14

Congratulations Scholarship Winners

I am speaking on behalf of all the members, Member Firms and Friends of EWI when I say Congratulations t0 the three EWI Detroit-Windsor scholarship recipients this year Debbie Newcombe, Sharon Cooper and Rasheeda Morgan. They each received a $1500 scholarship.

A second congratulations to Debbie Newcombe for also winning one of the EWI Corporate ASIST scholarships.  She received an additional $2000 scholarship. Way to Go Debbie!!!

Their life’s story touched our hearts deeply and we wish them all the best in their education and future careers.

A Big THANK-YOU to the Scholarship Sponsors

AON Risk Services Central, Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, DTE Energy Foundation, Moschouris & Curis Holdings, LLC, PVS Chemicals, Inc., Strategic Staffing Solutions and Wayne County Community College District, the scholarships could not be possible without you and your firm’s assistance.

Thank you for making it possible for someone to complete their education.


A few words from Dr. Glenda Price, Keynote Speaker

Brenda and Dr. PriceOur speaker Dr. Glenda Price spoke to the winners and to us about education being the practice of Freedom.  She said you are free to:

  • Share your knowledge and skills with others
  • Push the system to allow you to function at your highest level of competence without unnecessary barriers or constraints
  • Ensure access to care for all people – a quality education for all students, and safe communities for everyone
  • Form teams for effective utilization of our intellectual capitol
  • Be innovative
  • Make contributions to your discipline
  • Truly be professional

She also gave some challenges and as she stated “With freedom comes responsibility; responsibility to yourself, your profession and society. You have a responsibility to create a future that is better than the past. I challenge you to accept and live up to this responsibility.”   She challenged us to:

  1. First, think about the world in which you wish to live
  2. Define your self by new measures of excellence; to see and accept your responsibility to move beyond your quest for status and material gain; to be of service to the nation. To translate your knowledge into actions which will transform our communities.
  3. To continue to learn – recognize that your education is never complete
  4. Speak with your own voice and the language of your profession at the same time you must hear the voices of others
  5. Embrace your profession with passion and pride, but be certain to also do so with humor and humility
  6. Do all you can to develop the full range of human talents of all people
  7. Foster change and growth in all parts of society; recognize that good health is dependent upon a good life not simple good medicine

“When you do these things, in addition to achieving those usual measures of success, then you will surely be able to say that you accepted the challenge and the responsibility inherent in being a member of this organization. Indeed you then will be able to say that your education freed you to grow and participate in the transformation of our world. Freedom is power. The power of your convictions, and the power to lead come from intellectual freedom.” said Dr. Price.

I hope you set and strive to meet those challenges.

Thank you Dr. Price for speaking at our Annual Scholarship Awards and encouraging us to pursue our greatness individually and as a group.  

I also want to thank all of the volunteers and for the donations to EWI and Gleaners. This was a wonderful and giving way to provide beautiful centerpieces for our tables.


This is one event that you don’t want to miss  so mark your calendar for September 9th, 2015 – we want you there next year.


A special thanks to our photographer Fred Ferris of Fred Ferris Photography. He graciously took all the beautiful pictures that evening. Please visit for more information.

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